Apple Watch 3 users facing multiple reboot issue with watchOS 7.

Apple Watch 3 has been one of the most popular watch series for Apple till now, due to which they have continued to offer the series 3 smartwatch along with Apple Watch SE and Series 6. However, a recent bug has been spotted by the Apple Watch 3 users where the watch running on watchOS 7 seems to be having random reboots. WatchOS 7 was a very welcome upgrade for Apple Watch 3, but the upgrade brought more problems than features on the older version. 

As soon as the watch was upgraded to WatchOS 7 users started facing an issue where the watch started to reboot randomly and even had multiple restarts in a day. Users have also mentioned that it is only one of the major bugs in the watch apart from the minor bugs that are present in the new watchOS. Other common bugs that were reported from the users were lockups, complications that fail to load, and sluggish performance. The problem does not seem to be present in either watch series 4 or 5 and seems to be only a problem with series 3 watch. 

The issue has not yet been addressed by Apple and there are no fixes for the same in the update watchOS 7.0.1. However, since more and more users with Apple Watch 3 are facing the same issue, Apple is certainly going to address the issue in their upcoming updates. Until that time, the Apple watch 3 users will have to wait.


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