10 Best Cooking Games Apps for iPhone/Android (2023)

Mobile games are one of the best sources of entertainment for all age groups with various genres to play. The games get better especially if you have an iPhone as the gameplay and graphic quality on those devices are next-level. One such genre that your children will definitely enjoy playing on their iPhones is cooking games. It’s fun, and also helps your children learn about fruits, vegetables, and how they are cooked.

These games are very interactive for kids if you want them to learn about different vegetables and fruits and are also fun. If you are looking for fun and interactive games for your children then this article will list some of the best android cooking games as well. The article provides some great graphics and gameplay on an iPhone. However, if you have an iOS smartphone you are going to enjoy the game equally.

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Since most of these games are available on both iOS and Android and are completely free to play and download, they will definitely provide your children with a fun experience. Let’s have a look at 10 of the best cooking game apps that are available for your smartphone.

Below is the List of Best Cooking Games on iPhone

Cooking Madness: A Chef Restaurant Game

Cooking Madness A Chef Restaurant Game

It is on top of our list because it is loved by all age groups equally. If you want to be a chef or have a soul of one, it would definitely engage you for long hours. The game takes you to various locations around the globe where you will be operating your own restaurant and attracting customers with your unique recipes.

Time will also be a critical factor in attracting more and more customers to your restaurant. It will also bring up new challenges at every level and is going to get tougher as well. As a chef, you will be responsible for creating new recipes and as you progress, new utensils, vegetables, and fruits will also be unlocked for your use.

The game is challenging and will force you to bring your best chef skills into the game. It is considered to be the best cooking game app for iPhone and is also available in android cooking games. It is completely free and does not take up much space on your phone as well.

Cooking urban food

Cooking urban food

It is one of the most engaging cooking game apps that you will come across and especially if you always wanted to have a food truck. The game allows you to travel in your food truck while you will be creating some new recipes on the way. The best part about the game is that you are able to unlock a new truck for yourself after every two levels.

The major task in the game is time management, where you will be tested to serve the best food to the customers in the least time possible. Also, you will have to train your waiters, and invest your earnings further to upgrade your kitchen and other elements. The game comes with over 450 levels, which are further updated regularly by the developers.

The game also has coins that you will earn after every level and can also be purchased to advance in the game faster than usual. Considered one of the best cooking game apps, it will be a worthy game on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Cooking City

Cooking City

If you like fast-paced games, then this is definitely going to impress you and you can imagine it playing for hours. The game basically works on your cooking and time skills. You will have to cook as many dishes in the least possible time and as you go ahead in the levels, new recipes get unlocked.

The cooking game apps come with over 200 different recipes which is the highest number in any cooking game right now. The developers have been adding new recipes to the game in regular updates as well.

The game currently has more than 300 levels so you can be engaged in it for a long time. The best part of this android cooking game is that you do not need an internet connection to play it. Therefore, it can be played in offline mode as well.

Fruit Ninja®

Fruit Ninja

Possibly among the best cooking games apps and also the most popular on any mobile device, this game does not need any type of introduction. Fruit Ninja is one of the oldest and also one of the most popular games on smartphones and currently has millions of users worldwide.

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The game comes with various modes to play with like Classic, Arcade, Event, etc and the gameplay is easy. The game will throw various fruits in the air and you have to slice them using your fingers as a Ninja Blade. You will be surprised by the fact that it will keep you glued for hours.

The game is also recommended on big-screen smartphones and tablets for a better experience. The game also has many other mini-games in-built which makes it all the more interesting.

Burger Maker Fast Food Cooking

Burger Maker Fast Food Cooking

Who doesn’t love burgers and some even like cooking them? If you love burgers and enjoy cooking them as well, then you will surely love this game. The game is simple and based on time-saving tasks. The clients are going to ask you for customized burgers and you will have to make and give them to them on time before they get frustrated and give you a bad rating.

Satisfied customers not only give you a good rating but tips as well. The more you play, the more new recipes will get unlocked. Initially, it will be burgers and later sandwiches, desserts and a lot more will be added. The gameplay is such that it will keep you addicted for hours due to which it has become the best cooking game for smartphones.

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

It is one of the most engaging android cooking games that you can play on both Android and iOS devices. The game allows the player to cook in various backgrounds like a restaurant, stalls, etc. Apart from this, the player will also be able to cook various recipes that belong to different parts of the world.

The game already has more than 1000 levels for players and is increasing with regular updates. The only issue is that you need to have an internet connection to play this game as it will sync online to save your account and details. The game is one of the best cooking game apps that you can get your hands on.

Crazy Chef: fast cooking game

Crazy Chef fast cooking game

As the name suggests, the game tries to improve your cooking skills in the game by increasing your speed. The game allows the player to cook food as quickly as possible for the clients. Also, you need to make sure that the customers do not need to wait for a long period or they will leave and give a negative review.

As the level increases, it gets tougher and more challenging for the player. Apart from food, you will also have to prepare drinks like wine, coffee, etc. You will have to prepare tasty food and deliver it on time to get positive reviews and tips from the customers.

Later in the game, you will also be able to upgrade the utensils and other options in the kitchen.

Streetfood Tycoon: grow your fast-food stand

Streetfood Tycoon grow your fast food stand

It is one of the best cooking game apps when we talk about the graphics and animation it delivers. The game makes you a street food vendor who has to sell various food options to the customers. While you are completing the level by selling the best dishes quickly you will also receive an option to serve VIP clients.

If you are successful in serving them properly, they will provide an extra influence that will attract more customers to your food. The game is currently available in English on both iOS and Android.

Cooking Mama: let’s cook!

Cooking Mama lets cook

It is one of the most classic and best cooking game apps that you will find for your smartphone. It will help you create recipes from all around the world that are traditional in nature. Also, it will allow the player to have their own farm where they can grow vegetables and also take care of their animals.

The game also comes with more than 30 mini-games where you can test your culinary skills. It also allows you to challenge other people to a cooking challenge and show real cooking videos. The game is not only suitable for kids but also for adults. It is currently available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Good pizza, great pizza

Good pizza great pizza

Lastly, a game where you need to cook delicious pizza in the least amount of time and get a positive review from the clients. The game provides you with your own pizzeria which you must manage to make money and use the best available resource for it.

As a chef, you need to use the best ingredients and satisfy the taste buds of your clientele. The app provides a very real experience of how pizza is actually made. If you love pizza, then this is the best cooking game app for you.

Best Cooking Games on iOS/iPhone in Order

We have listed all the best games in the cooking genre on iOS below in no particular order.

Game Name Platforms Developer
Cooking Madness: A Chef Restaurant Game iOS ZenLife Games Pte. Ltd.
Cooking urban food iOS INCREASE MEDIA SRL
Cooking City iOS MagicSeven Co., Ltd
Fruit Ninja® iOS Halfbrick
Burger Maker Fast Food Cooking iOS Hassan Fareed
Cooking Fever iOS Nordcurrent UAB
Crazy Chef: fast cooking game iOS Casual Joy Limited
Streetfood Tycoon: grow your fast-food stand iOS AppForge Inc.
Cooking Mama: let’s cook! iOS Office Create Corp.
Good pizza, great pizza iOS TAPBLAZE, LLC


So here is the list of some of the best cooking game apps for iPhone and best cooking games for android. These games are absolutely free to download and try and have hundreds of levels to try as well.

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They also provide in-app purchases which would help you to enhance the experience of the game. So, whether you have an iOS or Android phone, you will surely be enjoying these games for a long time.

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