10 Best Torrent Sites For Ebooks – Top E-Book Torrenting Sites (2022)

Top EBook Torrent Sites: Books are easily the best source of knowledge and inspiration that a man can have. Books are considered the best friend of a person as it provides them with unlimited knowledge and wisdom. Earlier, the only source of reading something was through books made of hardcover and paper, but now they are also available in digital forms that can be read and heard even without their physical form.

One of such popular formats of the books is Ebooks. Ebooks are a digital copy of a physical book that provides page-by-page content in a digital format. Also, most the Ebooks can be downloaded from the internet for free, so there are possibly millions of books on the internet that you will never get bored of reading.

Physical books can cost you more or less, depending on the writer and the content. However, not everyone can purchase and collect expensive books for reading. These books also cover a lot of physical space, which is not easy to accommodate an increasing number of books to read. Therefore, users mostly prefer to download the Ebook version, which they can digitally save on their device and read it anytime they want to. An Ebook can be read anytime, anywhere, be it your mobile device, tablet, or laptop.

There are many different Torrent sites for Ebooks, which can be used to download and read some of the latest books on the internet. The article will list down all the popular and trusted torrent websites which will provide you with genuine Ebooks with original content. These soft copies of the original books are a great source for people who cannot spend a large amount on a books collection.

Below is the list of Best Ebook Torrent Sites

The Pirate Bay

Best Torrent Sites for Ebooks

It is possibly one torrent site everyone knows about and has also been one of the most popular among the lot. Created in 2003, the website has been one of the most secure and best torrent sites globally. Although it has seen many ups and downs during its course, the website continues to remain the best in its domain. The torrent website has some of the best collections of the latest Ebooks.

Be it any genre or niche; you will find every existing Ebook on this platform. Due to a lot of strict laws, you will not find the website through a direct link, but through several proxy sites.

Extra Torrent

Ebook Torrent Sites

There is no arguing that this is one of the best torrent websites to download Ebooks. You will never find the same amount of Ebook collection on any other torrent website as on this one. The website specializes in providing torrents for AbeBooks and provides all the necessary information about the torrent related to it. Apart from Ebooks, it can also be used to download movies, games, and many more stuff.

The torrent download is free and can be used to download Ebooks from various genres, such as Fantasy, Drama, Fiction, etc. The list of Ebooks this website has will leave you surprised. If you are a bookworm, then this torrent website is for you.

Kickass Torrent

Best Torrent Site for Ebooks

Very similar to reputed torrent websites like Piratebay, the domain is one of the celebrated torrent websites on the internet. The platform has the highest number of torrents when compared to any other website. When it comes to Ebooks, the endless pages of links and the library will leave you satisfied. The best part about this torrent website is that it is regularly updated with the latest torrent and information about the torrent’s health.

When it comes to gaming, movies, Ebooks, Comics, and other things, this website is the most efficient and simple to use. The website’s main link is not available as it is always under government scrutiny, but you can still access it through proxy links like Kickass.love, Kickass.co, etc.


One of the most popular torrent websites is 1337X. The website is popular for providing a large variety of content through torrents. No matter what you are looking for, if you do not find it anywhere else, there is always a probability that you will find it here. The platform has been used to share books with other users, and the website has a large variety of them.

The easy-to-use interface allows the user to easily search for their favorite Ebooks and download them. You can also find a lot of audiobooks, movies, games, and apps.


It is one of the dependable torrent websites which are hard to find nowadays. The website is popular for its simple and easy-to-use interface, searching for an Ebook is very easy for a new user. When it comes to the content and Ebooks, this website has endless search results for Ebooks, and you will never run out of options for the same.

The website has a separate Ebook section from which you can download your favorite books. The website can be simply used to search and download the book straightways. The only drawback of the website is many advertisements, which make the simple website a bit annoying.


If you have ever searched any torrent, you must have come across this platform’s name. The website is just perfect for downloading Ebooks and also has a separate category for the same. It is one of the fastest and most efficient torrent websites currently and has lots of magnet links for its content to ensure that the user always has the link to download the books. It also works as a public directory, providing you with relevant links for the same content on other websites.


It is a great website that acts as a directory for other torrent websites. If you search for an Ebook here, it will give you a list of all the torrent websites which have that book listed. You can select any link among them, which seems to have good health. The database also provides the most trending and relevant torrents for your search on the top. The simple use of the website’s home page has no ads and no other problems, which makes it the easiest to use on the list.


As the name suggests, the torrent website has been specifically designed for people who like downloading and reading books. The website has a massive collection of Ebooks in various languages such as English, Portuguese, Deutsch, Hindi, Italian, and five other languages. With a clean user interface and a good search engine, it becomes very easy for the user to search for their favorite and latest Ebook from the lot. Simply select the preferred language and book title to search for the book on this domain.


Like the previous mention, this website has also been created specifically for Ebooks and has one of the largest and best collections. The website has a large category of Ebooks to choose from, such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Business, Philosophy, Technology, and others. All the Ebooks here are available in pdf format, easily read on your smart device. To use this website for downloading books, you need to create a free account and Sign In.


Among the oldest torrent websites, RARBG has also been one of the most reputed names. It was one of the top-rated websites for Ebook torrent last year and has been consistently providing some of the best and healthy torrents to its users. The best part about the website is that it is constantly updated with the latest content. The website does not have a large collection of movies and shows, but you can find occasional searches for them. The website specializes in Ebooks and has some of the latest on its database.

Conclusion: Top Ebook Torrent Sites

These are some of the best and finest Ebook torrent sites on the internet, which provides clean and best torrent downloads for the users. These torrent websites have been on the platform for many years and have a large database of torrents and users. These websites will provide you with all the latest and classic Books ever published.

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Therefore, if you are looking for the best collection of books without spending a big amount on them, these are the top ebook torrenting sites. These websites are trusted and secure and will provide you with a lot more content to download other than books.

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