10 Best Project Free TV Alternative Sites for Watching Movies

Best Project Free TV Sites: Online video streaming is one of the most popular modes of entertainment on the world of the internet right now with almost everyone having access to smartphones and the internet, streaming videos online has become a lot easier. When it comes to free streaming platforms on the internet, Project Free tv has been one of the most popular and easy-to-use websites.

Project Free TV Alternatives

The website specializes in TV shows of all categories and genres. It is especially great for people who like to binge-watch all the episodes at one go. The best part about watching your favorite TV shows on project free tv is that they are absolutely free.

The project free tv platform is not like other streaming website that hosts the content on their own servers. Instead, the platform relies on a strong network of third-party websites from which you can view all the episodes of your favorite TV show. The advantage of having a vast third-party network is that there always be multiple links for the same content, which makes sure you do not have any dead links.

However, this is where it also has the biggest disadvantage. The platform is not available for the users all the time and supports ads in between the content, which is not something you want to see while watching your favorite TV shows. It is why we have made a list of the best alternatives to projectfreetv, which will provide you with a whole lot of content without ads and all-time availability.

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Below are the Best Alternatives for Project Free Tv Online


If you talk about a projectfreetv alternative and you have a long-time user on projectfreetv, you will definitely feel at home on SeriesFreeTV. The website is almost a copy of the projectfreetv platform and has the same design, content, and even features. The only difference between them is the domain name.

The best feature about this is the all-time availability for the users. So whenever you feel like watching your favorite show, you can be assured that this domain will always be online and available.


When it comes to project tv alternatives, most of the alternate websites have copied the popular design and content of project tv. It is why TheWatchSeries is also a great alternative as it gets the same design, features, and content.

Since project tv is one of the more popular domains in its category, almost all the alternatives have the same design. You can watch and search for all the TV shows and their episodes along with faster loading time and better video quality.


Watchseries is a great alternative to project tv and is great to search among the humongous library of TV shows it has. The main feature of this domain is that it contains TV shows, which are not that popular and are not available on the major streaming websites.

The website requires you to create an account and sign in and in return, it will remember your preferences and previous search results based on your likes and dislikes. You may also read our article on WatchSeries Alternatives.


When it comes to watching videos online through streaming, WatchFree is one of the most popular names in its category. The platform not only has a large library of TV shows but also movies and indie flicks.

The library has content from all around the world and all the content has multiple links from various third-party websites, to make sure that you do not have a dead link. Streaming speed and video quality are great on this website and are surely pleasant for viewing.


For a free tv project alternative, you can go to Movie4k, where you will not only find a huge library of videos but also one of the best viewing experiences as well. While all the streaming websites try to copy the look and features of the most popular platform, this website is unique in what it offers to the user.

The website has a better design which is polished, and faster stream speeds as well. The website also has an active social media presence online and some of the best viewable content.


If you are looking for an alternative to Project TV, which not only has TV shows but also a wide collection of movies, then MovieFlixter is the way to go. The platform has a great collection of movies and TV shows across all genres and also provides faster streaming speeds and HD quality content.

There are several alternate links to the videos, so you can always switch to a different link if you get slow streaming speeds on one.


One of the major downfalls of some of the major online video streaming services is that it does not include any kind of Asian drama and shows. It is also the case with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. So if you are a fan of Asian TV shows, then Kiss Asian is the best option put there.

The website has some of the most popular and best shows from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, and others. Also, the episodes are available in the original language as well as English subtitles.


Another popular streaming website that can provide you with something different is Kshow123. The platform has a vast variety of content from South Korea and lets you watch all the popular TV shows with English subtitles. The streaming speed on the videos is great and you can also watch HD content.


Stream2watch is a great alternative for projectfree tv, especially when you are looking to view content from different categories apart from TV shows. This website has been specially designed for sports fans as it can provide live feed and streams of sports like soccer, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, American football, golf, handball, and a lot more.

So if you like watching sports with live streaming on the go, this is one of the best platforms to do so. You can even watch soccer live online and also, it can be viewed on any device with a browser.


Yes, there is 123Hulu website as well, but do not confuse it with the popular American entertainment company. 123Hulu is one of the popular free online streaming websites which provides a big library of TV shows and movies to watch from.

The best part is that your viewing experience will not be hampered by the constant ads in between. The website has content from almost all categories and also provides great recommendations

More ProjectFreeTv Alternatives

  • https://projectfreetv.unblocked.app/
  • https://seriesfreetv.com/
  • http://www2.projectfreetv.uno/
  • https://projectfreetv.xyz/
  • https://onprojectfreetv.site/
  • https://projectftv.com/
  • https://www1.projecfreetv.co/
  • https://www8.project-free-tv.ag/

Conclusion: Best Project Free TV Sites

So these are some of the best projectfree tv alternatives that you can go for. Not only these websites are trusted and provide HD quality content, but you can also watch the content from various genres. These websites will provide you with enough mirror links which will make sure that you never run out of content. So visit this website and enjoy your viewing experience to the best.

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