10 Best GTA 5 MODS for PC (2021)

GTA 5 Mods: PC gaming has been one of the most popular industries in the gaming genre and is gaining many users and revenue in the last few years. One such game that has been popular in the gaming industry for years is Grand Theft Auto, or as we popularly know it as GTA. Apart from the game GTA 5 mods and addons have been fairly popular among the gamers. The game is much more popular on the PC when compared to its user base on the console.

As technology and innovation are bringing around new and powerful computing hardware for PC, the number of PC gamers has been gradually increasing. PC gamers also face very few restrictions on using cheats and mods, which can bring many new elements in the game. GTA 5 has been fairly popular among the gamers on PC because it allows the users to create and use mods, which is not possible on the console.

When it comes to these games, there are many mods available for all the games in the GTA series. GTA 5 is the latest in the series; It is flooded with thousands of new mods, characters, and settings that can enhance the player’s gameplay. When it comes to GTA 5 mods pc, they are very easy to install and compatible with almost any PC configuration that can run the GTA game.

These mods also offer the user the flexibility to make changes and use it with tweaks and changes. Now certain GTA 5 mods have been really popular and have been created by some of the best developers. Let’s have a look at these mods which can enhance the experience of GTA 5 gameplay.

Below are the Top & Best GTA 5 Mods for PC

NaturalVision Remastered MOD

NaturalVision Remastered gta 5 mods

Although GTA 5 has great graphics and is already a game that requires heavy system requirements, some mods can still enhance the graphics much further. It is one such gta v mod that are extremely popular among PC gamers. This mod transforms the entire game and the map into a spectacle of breathtaking graphics. It completely revamps the original aesthetics in 4K resolution. It makes GTA V look much better than the default high graphic settings made by the developer. If you have a high-end gaming system, then this mod is worth your time to add in the game.

MOD LINKNaturalVision Remastered

Iron Man MOD

Iron Man gta v mods

There is no doubt that Iron Man is one of the most popular superhero characters out there, and it was only a matter of time before it was introduced in the game. This mod is one of the most popular among GTA V fans where the character is transformed into Iron man and can do all the stunts and actions done by Iron man in the movies. It provides the user with a fully functional Iron Man suit and features like repulsor beams, blasters, and boost thruster. Along with these functions, there are many more customization features available for the suit, which can make the character look visually more attractive.

MOD LINKIron Man Script 2.0

Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters MOD

Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters gta 5 mods pc

If you have ever played the game cause, you might know that parachute was one of the game’s major features, without which Just Cause is not even possible. It brought great physics to the game and also gave the user a different way to travel. The same feature has been imported in this GTA 5 mod as well. It allows the user to use a parachute thruster and grappling hook to travel a long distance through air. If you use this mod to leap out of the cars, it will make them blow. A great way to travel and avoid any barricades in the game.

MOD LINKJust Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters

Vice Cry Remastered MOD

Vice Cry Remastered gta v mods pc

If you have been playing GTA series for a while, then you must know about the popular Vice city game from GTA, which was extremely popular back in days. This mod was ranked among the first mods in GTA V and provided the Vice city with an attractive makeover complete with shimmering sunsets and rippling waters. Since there was a huge fan base of the original GTA Vice City, this mod was used by almost all the players of GTA. The mod provides a vice city map with much finer detail, functioning traffic lights and car generators.

MOD LINKVice Cry Remastered

Intensity ENB MOD

best gta v mods pc

Some GTA v mods add an extra element to play within the game, and some mods are only meant to enhance the experience and visual appeal of the game. This mod is meant to enhance the graphics and visuals of the game. It increases the displayed color contrast to 11, making the city look much more mesmerizing, with great graphics during the rainfall. The mod can also be used to intensify the lighting effect in the game. Overall, if you want to increase the effect of dynamic graphics in the game, this is the mod you need to install.


Tsunami MOD

Tsunami MOD

As the name suggests, this mod was created to bring in a Tsunami in the Vice City. It can transform the entire city into tsunami aftermath or submerged replica of Atlantis. It has been ranked in one of the first mods in the game and is popular among the GTA v mods pc gamers. It brings a huge Tsunami to the city, and you will only see the tall skyscrapers when it hits. Apart from that, the entire city will be submerged in water. The graphics of the Tsunami are great and a treat for any player to watch.


Realism MOD

Realism MOD

This mod was specifically created for the Los Santos city in GTA V, which brings the city’s virtual world to life using enhanced graphics. This mod can bring out life in the GTA imaginary city. If you like to play the game in a disciplined way, like following traffic rules and going the speed limit, this is the mod for you. It also adds a lot more tweaks to provide a naturally enhanced experience with the gameplay. For example, wallets falling off from people’s pockets, bleeding effects, real-time bullet projection, and much more, can be seen in the mod.


Angry Planes MOD

Angry Planes MOD

If GTA V is all about role-playing and exploring, then driving vehicles such as cars, truck aeroplanes, etc., has been the most important part of the gameplay. It is best GTA V mods pc gamers have got their hands on. It turns every aircraft pilot flying overhead into a kamikaze killer. They will come in and crash into you any time they are flying above you. The mod has been designed so that it does not require a higher refresh rate of the screen and does not lag in any way while in action.

MOD LINKAngry Planes

The Police MOD

The Police MOD

The police force has been a major part of GTA characters. Since the game is based on theft, police and police chase is frequent in the game. This mod is specifically allowed to side with LSPD, which is the local police, for the city and walk in their shoes for an entire day. It also provides you with police-themed weapons, and armored police vehicles to use. The mod will provide you the full features of a police officer in LSPD. A great mod in the game to use police resources.

MOD LINKLSPD First Response

The Prison MOD

The Prison MOD

Real-life prison might not be that exciting as the prison in GTA v. Being one of the best GTA v mods pc gamers has been using it to witness getting arrested and getting out of the prison as a free man. It allows the user to experience the judicial system and prison in the game of GTA.


Conclusion: Best GTA 5 Mods

These are some of the best GTA V mods available for PC gamers. All these mods provide a very different aspect to the game and add new features and graphics. Although not all mods require you to have high hardware requirements, you would still need them to run the game on your PC as it is graphically very demanding. If you already own this game, then use these mods on the PC version to add a new experience and dimension to an already excellent game. If you have a console and play World of Warcraft then do check our list of best addons for WoW.

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