Best WoW Addons – Top 12 Addons For World Of Warcraft (2022)

World of Warcraft (WOW) is one of the world’s most popular online games in the world. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was released in the year 2004 by Blizzard entertainment. Currently, the game has over 10 billion online players and is the highest-grossing video game franchise. The game is about exploring a big landscape and completing a random mission to achieve XP and other achievements.

War of Warcraft is completely free to play for everyone. With over 10 billion players playing online, you need to have a competitive advantage over others to excel and win the game. It is why you will often find World of Warcraft Players buying the best wow addons. These add-on features provide the player’s character with a special and unique ability or power, which makes them outperform other online players.

Why do we need World of Warcraft addons?

The gameplay of WoW works on player rank. The better the player performs; the higher will be their rank. Most online players pay for the extra add-ons to make sure that they get an additional advantage in the game, win it, and increase their rank faster than the other online players. As characters develop during the gameplay, they gain various talents and skills that increase that character’s ability.

There are different types of characters you can choose from at the start of the game. Each character is different from the other and has a specific ability and weakness based on their skill set. WOW has been including a new set of characters with different add-ons and expansion packs, which can be purchased separately. The best part about the game is that you can group with your friends in the game and complete challenging tasks. It not only helps the players in the group to increase their skill set but also increases their ranks.

To gain a competitive advantage, the game offers many different characters, weapons, spells, health, and skills to buy. Once purchased, it becomes a part of your character and can be used almost immediately. There are a lot of different wow mods and wow add-ons to choose from, such as curse add-ons, mythic dungeon tool, Bangor, rarity, etc. Which add-on a player selects depends on their preference and the gameplay. Since there is an unlimited number of best WoW UI Addons, it is confusing and difficult to know which add-ons should one go for. We have created a list of some of the most popular add-ons that you can add to your profile on WOW gameplay.

Below are the Top 12 Best World of Warcraft Addons


wow addons

It is one of the most popular and best all-in-one add-ons in the game. It provides a revamp of the default WOW interface and adds a lot of improvements to the spell bar, inventory view, frames, etc. The add-on will configure your screen based on the character you are playing and the role it has been assigned. Apart from that, it provides easy customization options for the user to tweak the display and other functions. Since it is regularly updated, it is one of the most downloaded add-ons on WOW. It is available to install manually for free and can be used by any WOW player. select the best WoW addons and add them to your game

All The Things

world of warcraft addons

If you want to track all your skills and achievements and want them to be displayed on the screen, then this add-on is the most useful of all. Things like achievements, rare kills, items, treasures, pets, transmogs, etc., can be displayed by the zone or area. The add-on gives a nice heads up on details that you have been missing until now during your gameplay. It provides all the information on the tools you have, game victories you have achieved, etc.

Deadly Boss Mods

best wow addons

It is one of the most useful mods in the game that cab is used in cases where you are playing with a dangerous level boss. For the five-person dungeon, this mod is great for improvement in a player’s life. It will give the player warnings about when the boss is about to attack, cast a spell, and damage the life of your friend. It helps to prevent any major damage from the boss even before it happens and provides a good reaction time to the player. It is also very useful in raids where it helps to track the tricky boss mechanics and informs the users about important events.

Wear Auras 2

wow ui addons

If you are using a powerful spell against your enemies and friends, you need to keep track of it to know how much of the spell is remaining with you. Or you can use the Weak Auras 2 mod and set up a blinking icon or text notification where your spell is about to get over.

Details Add-on

best wow ui addons

The damage meter is a very important part of the game and is required by almost every player. To add that to your profile, the Details add-on is a must. It displays the damage meter along with a real-time graph of your group’s effectiveness. You can also change your nickname using this add-on. It is one of the most used add-ons on the game and is a must-have.

Trade Skill Master Add-on

best world of warcraft addons

It is a must-have WoW add-on for players whose gameplay revolves around crafting and gold making. The software is complex in design and interface and allows the user to craft valuable items and create gold-making strategies in the game. The most rewarding benefit of the game is that it will help you prevent mistakes in the game that makes you lose gold. It is a great add-on to win more gold from the game seamlessly. The UI interface for the add-on can be easily managed and understood by the players.

Gathermate 2 Addon

top addons for WoW game

As the name suggests, this add-on is used to gather useful items in the game. For example, valuable items like herbs, ore, holiday items, gold, and other stuff can be collected using this add-on. The add-on will reflect the items gathered on your map and is great for multitasking as the users can make many gold coins while farming alongside. It also helps to import maps from other users, which is great to know the location of all the valuable items.

Auctionator Addon

best world of warcraft addons

This add-on is meant for players who want to buy or sell the game add-on to earn gold. It is a reformation of standard auction UI and can help a user to browse through add-ons, to buy or sell them. Players can sell the add-ons in return for gold in the game, which makes it one of the easiest ways to earn gold. For buying, selling, and posting operations, it is one of the easiest to use add-ons in the game.

Dominos Addon

12 best world of warcraft addons

It is an add-on that works to the enhancement of the user interface in the game. You can use this add-on to replace the default action bars and change them to customized ones. This add-on can enhance action bars with keybinding abilities. If you want to enhance the gaming experience on World of Warcraft, this is a must-use the add-on.

Simulationcraft add-on

wow ui addons

It is a great WoW add-on for any player that is seeking to do PvE content. The easy-to-use add-on is very precise and does not have any irrelevant elements. It helps provide a tactical experience or approach to any challenge in the game. It allows the user to prepare their character by equipping them with the right weapons and talents.

Farmhud Add-on

best wow ui addons

It can be used alongside the gather mate add-on to view a completely transparent version of the mini-map, allowing the user to track and gather nodes seamlessly. It helps to improve the gaming experience and helps the player better plan their movements in the game.

BigWigs Addon

world of warcraft addons

It is a great add-on for a WOW player in a boss fight. This add-on notifies the layer when the boss is about to use their certain abilities against the player. Made for combat, it is one of the most important add-ons for a player. The user interface of the add-on can be easily customized and will increase the chances of winning while fighting the boss’s character. It will not only help you in judging the next attack from the boss’s character but will also help you to plan your moves accordingly. It is a great add-on for new as well as pro players.

Conclusion: Best WoW Addons

These are some of the few best WoW addons that are used by players of World of Warcraft globally. Most of these add-ons are free of cost and can be easily added to the game’s player profile. Each of these add-ons has been created to enhance the gaming experience and the UI of the game.

While there are many more add-ons online for the game, these are some of the most commonly used add-ons by billions of users. Try out these add-ons on your player profile in WOW so can you experience a better user experience in the game. You may also pay ELO players in WoW to level up in the game faster.

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