5 Best Brain Games for Kids on Android

Best Brain Games for Kids: It would be right to say that kids nowadays are glued to their smartphones, engaging with a lot of different games and content. However, not everything they watch or play can be good for them, which is why it becomes important that they engage with content that can increase their intelligence and make them learn something new. It is where brain games for kids come into play.

There are a lot of good brain games for kids on the android platform, which not only allows them to play and get entertained but also increases their brain activity and makes them more intelligent. These best brain games and androids are based on the concept of making the kids learn something new and test their minds at every moment.

There are games based on a questionnaire, puzzles, and a lot more. It is why we have listed the best brain games for kids that they will surely enjoy playing.

Below is the list of Best Brain Games for Kids

Brain On It

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When we talk about android brain games, this is surely going to be at the top of the list. It is surely among the best brain games for android, which does not go easy on the users. The game is based on physics and comes with a lot of puzzle games that you can play. The best part about the game is that it is completely free and your kid can play it online with other friends as well.

It allows the player to use their finger and stylus to create different shapes and solve the puzzles. It has more than 200 levels of different puzzles and more are being developed as well. Considered to be the best brain game for kids, you should surely make your kid play this game. It will help them learn new things while being engaged for long hours.

Brain Dots

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This game is definitely a worthy addition to the best brain games for android. The gameplay is fairly simple, yet very difficult at the same time. You will have two dots on the screen which you have to connect by creating lines and shapes. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

You will have to use your logic to make the best possible way with many obstacles in between, which will increase with every level. It is not only the best brain game android for kids but challenging for adults as well. The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.


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There is no reason why your kid should not play this game. In fact, it should be the game that your kid should play if you want them to learn coding from a very early age. The game helps the children to learn the basics of coding in the simplest way possible. It also allows the children to play along with their friends, which makes learning even more engaging.

Your kid can learn command sequences, parameters, and loops as well. It is one of the most unique brain games for kids that every kid should play.


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I wouldn’t say that it is a game that is only meant for kids, it can be played by adults as well. However, if you want your kid to have excellent logical skills and a sharp brain that can calculate things easily, then this is surely the game for them to play.

Sudoku is one of the most popular android brain games in the world and tests your memory and logical skills as well

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You simply have to fill the crossword with numbers, making sure that they are not repeated twice in the same grid or line. It is highly recommended as the best brain game for kids.

Unblock Me Free

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It is another logical brain game for kids where the kids will have to play different puzzles each time and take the red-colored wooden plank out of the box. The game has more than 40,000 puzzles right now and will keep your kid engaged for a long time.

It has different modes as well and also has a relaxed mode if you want to play the game at your pace. Definitely a worthy addition to the best brain games for android.

Best Brain Games for Kids on Android in Order

We have listed the best brain games for android that kids can play, in no particular order.

Game Name Release Date Developer
Brain On It August 17, 2016 Orbital Nine Games
Brain Dots April 04, 2017 Translimit, Inc
Spritebox August 22, 2017 SpriteBox LLC
Sudoku Jun 29, 2018 Puzzle Saga Studio
Unblock Me Free December 26, 2013 Kiragames Co., Ltd.


These are some of the brain games for kids that you should allow them to play. These games are not only meant for kids but are equally challenging for adults as well.

Since these games are free on Android, you can simply download them from the Google Play Store and enjoy them immediately. With the help of these android brain game apps, children will be able to learn new things, make their memory sharper, and even learn difficult things like Coding and more.

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Therefore, if you want your children to spend some valuable time on their smartphones, these apps will definitely help with that.

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