Google launches Chrome 87 browser with major performance improvements

Google has finally launched the Google Chrome 87, which brings major improvements to the browsers and also the feature of tab searching. The new browser platform was expected to release in the year 2021, but it seems that Google was not going to wait for a new year to release this feature for the users. As per Google, it is one of the final and major updates for Google Chrome which would bring the largest performance gain in the browser ever. The performance improvement will increase the startup speed by 25% and the loading page speed by almost 7%. 

As per the company, it would all be done by using less power and RAM. Another new feature that will be a part of Google Chrome 87 is tabs. The browser will now prioritize active tabs apart from every other page that is currently open in the browser. Due to this, the power consumption of the CPU will be reduced by five times and the battery life could extend up to 1.25 hours. Google did try throttling background JavaScript timers to improve battery life, leading to major performance improvement and less power consumption. 

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Another feature of tab searching would allow the user to click on the Chrome 87 toolbox and see a list of open tabs in the browser, where they type in a word and find the results. The feature will first be added to Chromebooks, after which it will be released on all the other platforms. It will also include the feature of back/forward cache which would increase the navigation speed by 20% with plans to improve it up to 50% in the future. Lastly, the new feature “Omnibox“, would allow the users to type in actions like “edit passwords” or “delete history,” so that they do not have to browse the menu for the same. 

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