Chinese apps ban continues in India as they block Baidu and Weibo from the App Store and Play Store

Chinese apps are facing a lot of heat from countries globally, where many of them have been blocking or banning apps due to security issues. India has decided to block both Baidu and Weibo, which are one of the most popular and biggest apps from China. This step from India comes after they have already banned multiple apps originating from the country. These apps have been sending the user data back to China, which is a major security concern.

Both the apps that have been a premium offering from China and have millions of users worldwide have been asked to be taken off from the Google Play Store and the App Store in India. Also, the same has been informed to the ISP’s to block these platforms. The government has many more apps originally from China and has been under the radar ever since the ban on Chinese apps started. As per their official statement, these apps are engaging in activities that threaten the sovereignty and integrity of India.

Some of the most popular apps like PUBG were also under the scanner a few days back, due to which the game developers modified the privacy policy for Indian users. A similar action was also taken by the US government, where they decided to remove selected Chinese apps from online stores. Baidu and Weibo had a lot of resources invested in the Indian market, and the ban on such apps is very likely to bring a big impact on Chinese companies. The Indian government is also looking out for the clone, or similar Chinese apps banned previously. Many such apps have been banned a few days back as well.

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