Chrome to add a new feature to tabs to help manage them better

One of the major issues that people face while using a web browser is managing multiple tabs that are open simultaneously. Google Chrome is reportedly trying to create a new feature that will make handling dozens of tabs together much easier for the users. Chromium developers are allegedly experimenting with different widths of tabs when the tab scrolling feature is turned on. The major changes for this feature will be brought in to Chrome 88, where the users will be able to enable the tab scrolling feature via a flag. 

The feature will make sure that the tab does not look squished while multiple tabs are open at a single time. While Firefox and Safari already have a similar feature, Google Chrome is finally joining the list. Apart from this feature, Google Chrome has been working on multiple other features as well at the same time. It is testing different widths in Chrome Canary 90. With tab scrolling enabled, there are options to shrink tabs to pinned tab width, medium width, large width, or no shrinking at all. 

YouTube video

Having different options will help to identify multiple tabs easily. It is not yet clear how the feature will finally come out when it will be released but it will certainly make using the tabs a lot more easier. The feature is currently in the testing phase and there is no news as to when the feature will be developed and offered to the users. It might be a couple of more months before the feature is rolled out.

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