Google rolls out Chrome 86 updates for users.

Google has started rolling out the new Chrome 86 for the users after it appeared a month back in the Beta channels of Google. The update will be made available on all platforms, but it is not yet available on Chrome OS, but will arrive next week. Chrome 86 brings out a lot of new features to the browser and makes the browsing experience even faster for users. The new features include a lot of new security features as well. In case your saved password on the Google Chrome browser is compromised in any condition, the browser will let the user know about it and will immediately prompt them to change the password. 

The new update will also support the “well-known/change-password” standard, websites will be able to specify the URL where users can go to change their passwords. With the standards in place, the user will be able to find the page almost immediately where the password was compromised. This update will help the user to make the account more secure and almost immediately if it is compromised. It will also update the user about any kind of encounter insecure forms or downloads. 

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Improvements have also been brought into the menus, which have now become larger and will soon see the addition of icons in the future. Another feature that is rolling out will be where the web pages are able to directly access your computer file system. The changes will only be made to the files that you grant permission for. The update is basically a mix of features that makes the user details more secure and provides them with a better option to deal with compromised accounts.

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