Collabora Office Suite is now available for Chromebook

Collabora is an online productivity suite based on LibreOffice and is one of the most efficient and popular tools for users. The software or platform is completely open-source and provides the same kind of productive tools and productivity as you expect from Microsoft Office. The application works very similarly to that and also Google Docs and Sheet, where it allows the collaboration of documents to work on them simultaneously. The platform can be used both offline and online as a part of an enterprise suite. 

The users can currently install the application on Windows or Linux and can also access the files using the mobile application on iOS and Android. Now, the office suite has been optimized for Chrome OS and is available for Chromebooks via the Google Play Store. The news is great for Chrome OS, which has been adding some major features to the platform since its release in 2010.

After Google released its Chromebooks, even Asus and Samsung have been promoting them and have offered new Chromebook models under their brand name. With the integration of apps like Collabora, the user engagement of Chrome might see a rise in the number of users and Chromebooks used by them. 

The Collabora Office Suite on Chrome OS will come with a large amount of optimization for better performance. However, users will not be able to use Google cloud platform to store their documents from Collabora. It only uses Nextcloud and ownCloud for storing documents instead of Google’s or Microsoft’s cloud storage. The reason for this is the safety and privacy of user data. The software can be accessed directly on Chromebook or used on the web, by registering for the Enterprise account. One can also try out the demo for their paid enterprise suite, which claims to provide better productivity than Microsoft Office.


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