PUBG might get re-launched in the Indian app market by the end of the year.

A few days back PUBG corporation announced that PUBG will be removing and closing all the operations in India, after which the game servers in India were totally closed, showing a “Server issue” on the game for Indian users. During the period when it was banned, the company tried to publish the game through Indian companies like Jio, Bharti Airtel. However, it seems that the conversations did not work out that well. After the company announced the total shutdown in India, the game fans were really disappointed and it seemed like a dead-end for PUBG in India.

However, as per the latest leaked news, the company is all ready to make a comeback in the Indian market before the end of this year. The gaming giant has privately informed some high-profile streamers in the country that it expects to resume the service in India before the end of this year. The company could soon make an announcement about its future in the Indian market. Now, even Tencent has released all the rights for publishing the game in the Indian market and PUBG has completely disassociated itself from the company in the Indian market.

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As per the official statement of the company, “Protecting user data has always been a top priority and we have always complied with applicable data protection laws and regulations in India. All users’ gameplay information is processed in a transparent manner as disclosed in our privacy policy,”. We hope to hear good news soon from PUBG for the Indian fans and also hope to see new gameplay in the most popular mobile game.

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