PUBG Mobile 1.2 beta link available online for download, Indian version launch delayed till February 2021

It has been more than a month since the speculations of PUBG coming back to the Indian app market has been ongoing. However, since there are many restrictions and policies that the company has to fulfill before making the re-entry, the game is still pending the official release. However, the company is already working and releasing the beta version of the app to find out more bugs and optimize it at the same time. The company has recently released a 1.1 beta Android update for the popular PUBG BR title, providing the player’s opportunity to test out new features.

The new beta version has a new mode, Extreme Hunt Mode, Powered Exoskeleton, respawns, and more. The file for the new beta version is now avaialbe online for download and the players to try. The file size of the new beta version is 625 MB and after installing it you can try testing the latest features. Meanwhile, since the game has been banned in India, it is not suggested for Indian players to download and install the game for now.

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However, the new beta version of the game does show that the company is trying to add new elements and build a custom version for India that will include these features as well. It was earlier estimated that the game will launch in India in the month of November, but as per the recent details, the launch has been pushed back to January or February of 2021, which would give the company enough time to fulfill all the conditions by the Indian government.


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