ESports and tournament organizers are looking for a PUBG alternative.

PUBG was one of the most popular games on the Android platform and one of its biggest markets was in India. However, after the game was banned due to the publishing right with Chinese company Tencent, esports firms have been facing a lot of issues. This esports firm has a lot of different tournaments and competitions that were planned for later this year. However, due to the ban, these events not stay canceled or delayed. Since all the tournaments were basically basically on the highly popular PUBG game, the events could not be organized anymore. 

Although South Korean company PUBG is now trying to publish the app themselves, with no longer having ties to PUBG, it would still take a while before that happens and will completely change the terms of engagement with esports companies. Due to this, these esports companies are looking towards different other alternatives, which will help them to continue with their events and tournaments. Some of the most popular Android games among them are Free Fire and Call of Duty, which also has a huge fan following after PUBG. 

Abhay Sharma, founder of Gaming Monk said that instead of putting the tournaments on hold for the coming months, it is better than the organizer to look for alternate games that are played by Indian users and are popular like PUBG, with similar gameplay. Games in PUBG were making a huge six-figure income through these events and are now seriously looking out for better alternatives unless PUBG is back.


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