How to Get Free Robux? Using Robux Generator in 2022

How to Get Free Robux easily and effortlessly?: When it comes to playing games through mobile apps or online, there are multiple features in the game that are either provided for free to the users or they have to purchase those premium features through online transactions and in-game money. Those who do not want to spend money on buying these premium features, often try to earn the game money through various online methods, with some of the most popular methods being filling surveys.

However, those methods are too slow and the rewards earned through them are also way too less. Roblox is very popular and known among online gamers worldwide and is also a place for users from diverse backgrounds to meet in the fictional world. The game comes with an engaging experience, great UI, and exclusive graphics as well.

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Roblox is a versatile system that allows the players to craft worlds, challenges, and games as well. It is why the game is very popular among Minecraft players as it gives the player complete control over customization. Although the game is completely free and available on almost every platform, you will have to spend the in-game money called Robux money to purchase the premium features. Robox can be either purchased using real money online or by performing various tasks. However, not everyone is interested in purchasing the Robox cash with real money and most of the methods are sluggish and slow.

Free Robux Generator – Do they Really Work?

Free Robux Generator

To get free Robux, users have been filling surveys and have been landing upon the various meaningless websites, which does not provide as good results as possible. In short, they do not work whatsoever. So, we have searched the internet for you and have come up with some of the best ways through which you can earn Robux for free and do not have to spend hours and hours of time earning it for free.

Below are some of the Best Ways to get Free Robux Online

Apps to get Free Robux

Robux 2019 App

Free Robux App

This is one of the popular apps to earn free Robux and is relatively new since it was launched in July of 2019. The app works in one of the most simplistic ways and the user simply has to spin a wheel to earn free Robux. Every spin that the users make provides them with free Robux which can be used in the game for purchasing premium features. Earning Robux for free has never been so easy and it does not have a limit on how many times the user can spin the wheel.

Download Robux 2019 App

Feature Points

Feature Points App to Get Free Robux

If you are looking for a free robux generator, then this is the app to go for. The app provides the users with free Robux and gift card codes for its users which can be used for earning Robux as well. The app has a list of some tasks that the users will have to complete and once done, they will earn free Robux in their account. The app also has some quick surveys that you can complete in return for some feature points. These points can later be used to exchange for Robux, PlayStation codes, steam wallet, amazon gift cards, and a lot more.

Download Feature Points

Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps can help players to get Robux for free.

While searching for how to get free Robux, you will definitely land up on this app, which is also one of the most reliable in earning Robux. The app is very popular among people as it is very reliable and has been working for a long time now. The app basically provides you with a list of apps that you can download on your smartphone and for each app that you download, you will get a reward point. After reaching the minimum reward limit, one can easily exchange these points with Robux or gift cards.

Download Cash for Apps

Website to earn Robux 

Earn Free Robux With Pointsprizes

PointsPrize can also be used as a Roblox Robux Generator since you can get a lot of Robux as a reward.

There are not many reliable online platforms or Roblox Robux generators that will help you in earning Robux. However, this one in specific is the best out of the lot and is also one of the most reliable and consistent in providing users with free Robux. The platform comes with a lot of Pointsprizes challenges online which can be done to get free rewards. The users will also have to fill up some quick surveys which do not take much time. The process of filling the surveys is very easy and is one of the easiest ways to earn Robux.


If you are looking for a website with a free Robux generator, then you should check out this website. It is one of the best options available out there and is one of the best and legitimate platforms for doing so. The website provides you with specific tasks and offers that can be claimed to get Robux or gift cards. The user would simply have to register themselves on the website and then go to the offer wall segment to pick up an engaging activity. Once done, the user will have to complete the activity such as a survey for which they will be awarded points. Once they have 1000 points, it can be redeemed into Robux.

Gifts Junkie

Gifts Junkie

This website is one of the best roblox generators that you will come across and is also one of the best. You simply need to register on the website and complete a few tasks. The website is also great for gamers as it provides trending and latest information on games and what other Roblox users know. The website will also provide you various ideas about earning Robux and how it can be redeemed. You can even use the rewards to exchange with other members on the website. You will also come across various other Roblox users as well which will be offering Robux at reduced rates, which is great if you want to purchase quick robux at cheaper rates.

Other methods to get Robux (without surveys)

Upgrade to Roblox builders club

Roblox builders club

One of the best ways to get free robux is by becoming a club member for the roblox builder club. Not only do you have the chance to earn free Robux but you will also be able to join other members from the gaming platform and share a lot of ideas about what unique things can be done. Being a club member is although not free and you will have to exchange things or in-game items in order to earn free Robux. However, this is still a much better way than spending a big amount to purchase Robux.

Earn Free Robux Using iTunes Credits

Earn Free Robux Using iTunes Credits

If you are tired of searching online and want a free Robux generator, then one way is to earn them through iTunes credit. So, if you are an iTunes user, then this will be the best way for you to earn Robux. The iTunes users can select to complete different kinds of surveys and view a range of videos to earn the free iTunes credit. The approach is great for people who have been using the iOS platform and this credit can easily be used to purchase the Robux for free. Even the tasks that you do to earn the credits are absolutely free of cost.

Roblox Giveaways

Roblox Giveaways

If you are looking for an option where you have a free Robux no survey, then entering into a free Robux giveaway is a great idea. There are a lot of websites today and reliable ones that offer a free giveaway of Robux. One such website is Reddit, which is not only the most reliable but also one of the most popular platforms. All the users will have to do is follow the instructions on the website and complete certain tasks. If you win, you will get a whole load of Robux in your account and even consolation prizes if you do not win it.


So here are some of the best ways for you to earn Robux online in multiple ways. You can do so by simply using your smartphone, laptop, or PC, and will help you earn a lot of Robux money. It can be used to make certain and unique customization in the game and can also be used to exchange for the items. So, try out one of these methods and make sure that you get your hands on the premium features in the game.

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