Google adds new features and update to Android Smart TV

Smart TV’s have become popular in the television segment and has become one of the most popular products due to affordable pricing and feature-filled Android operating system. Adding Android to Smart TV’s has allowed a wide range of features to be embedded into a television. Also, the amount of customization and upgrades that Android allows make the Smart TV even smarter with updates. Something very similar has been done by Google, where the latest Android TV update brings in a lot of new features, some of which include PIN-based purchase and low latency mode.

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Google has seen a rapid increase in the number of Android TV activation in the last few years. For the very same reason, Google has now been trying to add a lot of new features and improving on the existing one. The new feature update from Google brings in instant apps to android TV, which helps the user try out the apps before installing them on their TV. A new feature of PIN-based purchasing has also been added to the Smart TV, through which one can purchase an app or movie from Google Play Store, using a PIn instead of a Password that can be changed or set by the user.

Apart from these updates, Google has added new updates to the Gboard, which adds speech to text and predictive typing on TV. The TV also gets a new low latency mode, which can provide a great and smoother screen transition in gaming. The new update also includes Android TV Emulator with play store support. Also, a Leanback Library update with app navigation and compatibility changes. The new features have been aimed to bring more users to the Smart TV revolution that automatically increase the amount of activation of Android TV.

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