Google offers Gmail Go for Android Go users.

When it comes to low powered Android devices, Android Go has been the OS that is used for providing better performance. Based on the same operating system, Google has been trying to make a similar application that can be compatible with Android Go and use fewer resources from the smartphone to operate. In the same effort, Google has now offered Gmail Go which has been created for smartphones with low hardware capabilities and that runs on the Android Go OS. Gmail Go is now available on the Play Store platform and is confirmed to provide a much faster Gmail performance without compromising on the features. 

The Gmail icon will remain the same, with the only difference of Go badge at the bottom. Once launched, the apps will almost be identical to what normal Gmail looks like, but will not consume as many resources from the hardware of the phone. The one thing that you will see missing in Gmail Go is the unavailability of the bottom bar as Google Meet has not been integrated into this version. However, it does bring a question to Gmail Go users as to how will they be able to use Google Workspace through this. You will also see that no UI elements are elevated and there is no layering and shadows in the icons. 

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The overall UI has many cosmetic changes which make the app a lot lighter than the original one. The frame rate is capped which can be seen by a little bit of lag while scrolling, something which can be optimized by the update. Apart from this, other Go apps available for users are Google Go, Gallery Go, Google Maps Go, and Navigation for Google Maps Go. Assistant Go and YouTube Go.

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