Chromebooks will be adapting features from Macbook

Ever since Google Chromebooks has been developed and released by Google, they have been trying to improve the OS by adding more features to become one of the primary OS people work on. We have seen many new updates on the Chromebook in the past, but it seems that Google is now trying to adapt one of the most important and efficient features of Macbook.

If you have used an Apple MacBook, you know that you can use it right from where you left off. It is one of Apple’s most efficient features, which saves time and makes the device faster. Google Chrome has been looking to get the same feature on Chromebooks as well. 

As per, new evidence of features were found in the latest update of Chromebook updates, where the user can use the laptop to start and continue from the same place where the user left on their Android phone. It would allow the Chromebooks to work in an efficient Ecosystem, the same as it is done in Apple.

The feature has been codenamed “Android Phone Hub” and will allow users to perform phone side actions and the Chromebook. The feature description is very similar to that of the Apple handoff feature, where the users can move tasks between different Apple devices. The feature could also allow the user to operate their Android phone, right from the PC or Chromebook. 

There is currently no announcement or indication from Google as to when the feature will be launched. However, it might take a while as the feature is in the early stages of development. Google Chromebook is trying to create an environment with its device, where sharing becomes easier in the ecosystems, similar to what is developed for Apple.


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