Google makes changes in Play Store policies, making it difficult for developers to avoid the 30% commission.

After Apple made changes to its policies in the App Store, it seems like Google Play Store is also making new policy changes, which would seem will make it harder to pass the commission fee of 30% for app developers. As per the reports from Bloomberg, Google will issue updated guidelines that will clarify a requirement for apps to use Google Play In-app Billing service for in-app purchases. As per the new policies, if a user buys the subscription to an app or its plans, Google will take a cut of 30% from it. 

The changes in the policies are to stop the developers from asking credit card information in the app for making the purchase. In Fact, the payment will only be done through the verified Google billing services. Google has already been blamed for being biased for some of the major companies whose apps are working on the Play Store and allowing them to use their own payment platform for a subscription. However, the same issue was also reported for the App Store which creates a big buzz among companies like Microsoft and Facebook as well. 

Something very similar has now emerged for Google Play Store, where it seems that the new policies will fuel the issue of the existing monopoly of Apple on the App Store, followed by the Google Play Store. Many companies have also shown disappointment on Google deciding themselves as to which app is safe and which is not, without giving a chance to developers to explain it. Meanwhile, it was also announced that companies like Epic Games, Spotify, and Tile, were banding together to create the Coalition for App Fairness. We will soon see what kind of response does Google gives for it.

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