Google Meet to add custom background to the smartphone app.

Google Meet has been one of the most used tools during the pandemic, as it allowed the users to make free video calls. The platform gained millions of users during that time and most of them were professionals, who managed their work through the Google Meet Video calls. At the same time, it also proved a lot beneficial for educators and schools who could take online classes using Google Meet. During this time, Google Meet has been adding a lot of new features to the platform, to make it much more interactive for the users. 

In the same trend, the company has now added a new feature to Google Meet, which allows a user to add custom background during a video call. The image could be customized and will even allow the users to use one of their images as the background. The feature was earlier made available only to desktop users, but the feature will now be added to mobile devices as well. As per the company, the feature will soon roll out for mobile devices but will take time until the feature could be available worldwide.

YouTube video

During a press conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, also stated that Google Meet supports around 235 million conferences daily, as well as 7.5 billion video calls every day. The feature to change the background is going to be a lot more useful for people who are working from home and have to be available daily for official calls through Google Meet.


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