Google might not release Pixel 5, but the XL variant

Google Pixel 5 is one of the most awaited phones from Google this year and even before its release, there is a lot of speculation about its hardware and launch. Earlier, it was rumored that the company will be launching the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A (5G) version. The latest rumor or news that has come up is that we might not see a Pixel 5 from Google. It is said that Google will most probably launch an XL version of Pixel directly.

It might also be a possibility that Google would only focus on the bigger version of the phone this time and also equip it with better hardware and chipset. Earlier it was rumored that the company will be using a Snapdragon 765G, but the changes in the size might make Google use bigger and powerful hardware. The phone is expected to launch later this year and will have all the basic features that a premium phone has like, 8GB RAM, OLED panel display, high refresh rate, a more secure and faster fingerprint reader.

It is also expected that the price of the current generations of Pixel is going to be way less than the price of the previous generation Pixels. Google has recently launched the Pixel 4a (4G variant) and has received a lot of praise from the consumers about its specs and performance. Soon after the 4a was launched, the company made the announcement for Pixel 5 and now the XL version. It is hoped that this version comes with the latest hardware and a lower price.


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