New Dark theme coming for Google Chat

Google has been trying to add and integrate a lot of features into Gmail and chat platforms. Recently Google announced that Gmail would be integrated with features like chat, group, and video messaging, etc. The move was made to make Gmail a complete business tool for individuals to manage all the business tools from one place. Now Google chat will add a new dark theme to change the look and feel of the platform.

Ever since it was launched, Google had been using a white background with green accents. However, users were asking for a different colored theme for a long time now. The company has now launched a new dark theme, which would provide a better viewing experience in low light conditions. 

The same color scheme is already available in the GSuite application. The tweak has not only been done to the theme but also various other components. It comes with an icon and the “New Chat” option, similar to what was introduced in Gmail. The new theme has been released by the company and is available for use on devices.

However, the update may take time for other devices depending on the location. Apart from the UI changes and introduction of the dark theme to the chat, Google is working on many different and new features, which we will see in the future. Since Google is trying to integrate all its online services into an integrated service, we might see new things in Google Chat and Gmail soon.

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