Google removes three apps from Google Play Store with more than 20 million downloads.

From the last few months, Google has been really active in removing the apps from its Google Play Store platform, which has any kind of user security issue or is not following its guidelines. Now, it has been reported that the company has removed 3 more applications from the platform which had over 20 million downloads till now. The name of those apps is Princess Salon, Number Coloring, and Cats & Cosplay. The reason that is coming up behind the removal seems to be a violation of data collection policies and accessing details of millions of users. 

It is one of the major reasons why Google removes the applications from their platform and does not allow the companies to store the data for the user. It has also been reported that the applications had a large number of users, especially the younger crowd. Researchers at International Digital Accountability Council (IDAC) found that the three apps – Princess Salon, Number Coloring, and Cats & Cosplay – were accessing users’ Android ID and AAID (Android Advertising ID) numbers, and were violating Google’s data collection policies. 

As soon as the details were provided to Google, the applications were removed. The companies have not yet made an announcement or have given details about it. However, Google will provide them with a specified amount of time to resolve the issue, and come back on the platform. For now, the apps have been removed from the Play Store and the users have been suggested to stop using this app.

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