Google to provide flight and hotel information for traveling in pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the global industry in a big way, but the most suffered has been the travel and tourism industry. Due to the pandemic, people are not allowed to international travel and can only do domestic flights in some countries, that too under strict rules. During this time, it is very stressful and difficult to get the latest updates on flight and hotel schedules. However, since the summer is here already, people are trying to find out if they can travel to a specific destination and whether hotels and flights are available for them.

google pandemic flight travel information

Google has been trying to provide key and important details about such places, flights, and hotels. They are also providing key information like travel advisories and restrictions. Apart from these details, Google is now trying to bring new travel information for people who are planning to travel during the pandemic. With restrictions starting to lift, people are looking forward to traveling due to work and for leisure. Due to this, the search request on Google for travel in a specific destination has increased. From next week onwards, Google will start to show some of the most important details for travel like the percentage of hotels open in an area, flights operational in an area, and booking and cancellation of hotels and other services.

Although it might not be the best idea to travel right now and the government in every country is to request their citizens to delay any travel plans. However, if the person has to travel in any condition, then they could definitely check Google beforehand to make important bookings.

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