New Facebook Messenger Shortcut in WhatsApp Web

After Facebook bought Whatsapp, they have been trying to add many more features to the platform and make it as efficient as the Facebook Messenger. Since both Messenger and Whatsapp belong to WhatsApp, the company has been trying to add a connection between the two apps. The same was noticed recently after Facebook Messenger Rooms shortcut was discovered in the Whatsapp Web platform.

The new features let you connect with people via the Messenger video conferencing feature, right from Whatsapp. Also, one can now easily create a new room using the Whatsapp Shortcut. The feature has been rolled out globally to all Whatsapp users and available after the update has been installed. The room creation will have similar features to what has been introduced in Messenger in the latest update.

The room creation in Whatsapp will allow the users to add up to 50 members at one time. It is the same features that have been added to the Messenger app a few days back. The feature allows the user to directly use the Messenger application through Whatsapp, without closing any other application or opening them separately.

The feature has currently been released only for the web and desktop version of Whatsapp. However, it is expected that the company will soon release the feature on both the mobile and tablet versions. Earlier, the same feature was found to be tested on Whatsapp in beta mode, where it was tested for any bugs.

The latest update 2.2031.4, will add the feature to your platform. One can click on the three dots on the top left corner of Whatsapp and select the “Create a Room” option to use the feature. It will open a new Windows on the Messenger app. it also allows you to switch accounts if you want to create a room from a different account. A shortcut has also been placed in Individual and group chats, which can be accessed from the top right corner. The same procedure can also be used for video conferencing.


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