iPhone users facing battery drain issues on iOS 14.2

If you are facing issues with your iOS device with iOS 14.2, then you are not the only one. Every time a new iOS operating system for iPhones are released, they do come up with a fair bunch of bugs. This time iOS 14.2 users seem to be facing the same and have lots of complaints regarding battery drain issues and iPhones taking a long time to charge. The iPhone variants that are seemed to be affected by the bug are the iPhone XS, iPhone 6S, and the first-generation iPhone SE. However, it is still not clear if the same issue persists in the new iPhone 12 range. 

The issues that have recently popped up have not yet been acknowledged by Apple and are notable since the month of September after users upgraded their iPhone to iOS 14. Even iPhone 11 customers are facing the same issues and calling it very frustrating in day to day usage of the phone. As per the users, the normal usage of the phone left 40% battery at the end of the day, but due to the bug, the phone does not even last half a day. 

Users of the iPhone have posted a lot of complaints on the Apple Developer Forum and are really disappointed as to why the issues are taking too long to rectify. In most of the cases, the battery life has decreased significantly after the iOS 14.2 update where the users claim that the battery drops to 50% after 30 minutes of use. It seems that we might have to wait a bit longer for Apple to release a new update that takes care of battery issues.


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