iPhone 12 proves to be stronger than the iPhone 11.

With iPhone 12 came a completely new redesigned iPhone which is supposed to be stronger and tougher than the previous version of the iPhone, at least this is what Apple says. However, is the new phone really tougher than iPhone 11 or the previous version? To check this claim out, MobileReviewsEh did a test for their viewers and made a comparison between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. They used a force meter to determine the pressure required to crack the display. Where the iPhone 11 could only take the pressure of 352 Newtons, iPhone 12 was able to take the pressure of 443 Newtons. 

Also, the crack on the iPhone 12 was much finer than the iPhone 11, making it much better. They also put a scratch test based on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, which includes various materials being used on the screen to scratch them. The scratches on the iPhone 11 model were less at point 6 and very much prominent on point 7. However, when it comes to iPhone 12, at point 6 there were no scratches, point 7 has faint scratches and deep scratches at level 8 for both the phones. 

Also, the aluminum sides of the iPhone 12 are much more effective at avoiding scratches. It seems that the ceramic coating on the glass in iPhone 12 does make a difference in increasing screen durability.  The test does prove that iPhone 12 is certainly tougher than the iPhone 11 in every aspect.


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