iPhone 12 rumored to have a magnet ring

Apple iPhone 12 is one of the most expected smartphones launches this year. Many leaks for this version of the iPhone as well and every leak is bringing out information about a unique and new feature. This time the rumors are coming from the Chinese accessory manufacturer “EverythingApplePro.” As per the images and details shared by them, Apple iPhone 12 is said to have a ring of magnets inside. A similar magnetic structure can also be seen in the iPad Pro model, where the magnets inside it aid the attachment of Magic Keyboard.

It is expected that the magnet rings could be a setup for some kind of accessory that Apple is planning to launch alongside the iPhone 12. Rumors are that the coil or magnet ring could be positioned to aid magnetic wireless charging, which seems to be very logical and practical. It would hint that Apple might be working on a new kind of wireless charging technology for the new generation of iPhones. The image leak shows many tiny magnets, which are arranged in the shape of a circle and is attached to the leather case for the iPhone 12.

Apple is also working on a small wireless charging pad, launched along with the iPhone. It might be a possibility that it is connected to the new device. The feature makes a lot of sense as the magnets would keep the device in place over the wireless pad, making sure that the phone does not fall off in any condition or moves from its place. Since we are getting close to the launch month of the iPhone 12, more and more leaks and rumors are expected to pop-in, which happens before releasing every iPhone. The magnets do seem to be there for a good reason, and we can only speculate until any more leaks are revealed.


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