KissCartoon Alternatives – Best & Similar Sites (2023)

When it comes to cartoons, be it, kids or adults, everyone enjoys them, and it’s a great way to entertain yourself whenever you feel bored or depressed. Cartoons are a great way to brighten up your mood and there is a cartoon series for almost just everyone. If you like cartoons and also watch them online, then you must have heard about the platform kisscartoon, which was popular for providing users with free online cartoon shows without any fees or charges.

The website is an online streaming site that specializes in streaming cartoons. Be it any animation or cartoon series you like, you can search them on kisscartoon, download them, or view them online. In fact, it has one of the biggest online libraries when it comes to cartoons.

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Now, kisscartoon does not have its own server with all the cartoon episodes, in fact, it searches all the websites with cartoon content and provides you with a working and reliable third-party streaming link. It makes it much easier for users to search for cartoon and animation shows from one place rather than visiting different websites.

The only problem with the kisscartoon websites is that they are full of ads and also the links are not always available for the users. Although it is a great source for streaming cartoons, in case they are not available, we have made a list of kisscartoon alternatives, that you can visit and view your favorite animations and cartoons anytime.

Below is the list of Best Alternatives for Kiss Cartoon


KissAnime is one of the best available kisscartoon alternatives for visitors.

KissAnime is one of the best available kisscartoon alternatives for visitors. The website is almost similar to what kisscartoon offers and it specializes in Japanese anime. The website has been neatly designed and comes with a great search engine that helps you in searching for your favorite anime series.

The visitors of kisscartoon will feel very comfortable using this website as the interface is almost similar. Just like Kisscartoon, the website is known for providing some of the best, reliable stream links for content.


best kisscartoon alternative

Another one of the best kisscartoon alternatives is Anime Toon. When it comes to the availability of links, the interface of the website, and a lot of other factors, this website will rank at the top of the list of alternatives. The website is very user-friendly and has some of the best cartoon and anime content for both adults and children.

You can also use the search engine to search from the variety of cartoon streaming links as the website is regularly updated and has more than three million traffic on a monthly basis. You can find your favorite cartoon and anime series which has been dubbed and with subtitles as well. There are a lot of categories of the cartoon to view if you are not sure about what to watch.


Crunchyroll is a Similar KissCartoon Website

Similar to the kisscartoon websites, the Crunchyroll website is also extremely popular falling into the same category. The website has an American original and offers some of the best streaming experiences in cartoons and anime. The main feature of this website is the high-definition content and authentic quality with fast streaming speeds.

The website provides some of the best premium features to users without any subscription or fee. Be it manga, animation, or cartoons for kids, you will be able to search the content from every possible category on this website.


WatchCartoonsOnline for Free Anime and Cartoon

When it comes to kisscartoon websites, the best part about them was the simplicity and easy user interface provided to the visitors, making it easy to search for a new or favorite anime or cartoon series. It is one thing that Watch Cartoons Online lacks in, but what it lacks, it makes it up for the huge library of cartoon streaming links for the users.

It has over 300 pages of catalog to view when it comes to anime and cartoons and also has a great search bar on the top of the website, which is great for searching for your favorite series.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is a well-known alternative for KissCartoon

It might not only be the best kisscartoon alternatives, but it also brings back a lot of nostalgia. It is one of the most popular cartoon channels there has ever been. It has some of the most popular anime and cartoon series on it, such as Dragon Ball Z, Dexter, Powerpuff Girls, Tom and Jerry, and a lot more.

The list is never-ending. However, the same list of cartoons and shows can also be watched now on the official website of the Cartoon Network and it has a large variety of shows to choose from. It has some of the most massive collections of cartoon shows on both the TV and the web and is kid-friendly and perfect for little ones to watch cartoons on.



Apart from the available kisscartoon websites, Cartoon Crazy has made a name for itself. The website is one of the best when it comes to similarity with Kisscartoon. The website has a large library of streaming links for cartoons and you can also find the dubbed version or the one with subtitles.

It has a lot of options for toons, cartoons, and animations and is very popular worldwide. It has more than 11 million visitors every month and updates the links regularly so that you always have active links to watch from. Recently, CartoonCrazy has gone down, so check out our new list of CartoonCrazy Alternatives for Fresh Cartoon content.



If the link on kisscartoon is down, then you will probably find the active link for the same on this platform. As soon as you visit the website, you will find that the entire website is very polished and the user interface is friendly. Now the website has a lot of things for people and kids to watch from. It not only provides streaming links for cartoons and animations, but also for movies and comics.

So no matter which category you like in cartoons, you have it all over here. The website also has some of the best and old cartoons on the site as well. So if you are searching for the classics like Dora the Explorer, looney tunes, Regular show, etc, then this is the best platform to view them.



It is one of the best kisscartoon alternatives if you are looking specifically for anime series. Now Japanese anime is very popular worldwide and it has a great fan following. If you are unable to stream your favorite anime on kisscartoon, then you should probably head for this website. It has one of the largest collections of anime series and will surely provide you with the link for your favorite one.

Since users are able to search almost all the anime series on this platform, it is extremely popular. One of the best features of this website is that it will recommend more series to watch based on your history and search results. So you can automatically stumble upon something new to watch from.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is the best site for cartoon series for kids

If you are a Disney fan and like to watch cartoons and animations that have been made specifically by Disney, then this is the place to be. The website is a great kisscartoon alternative and specially designed for kids as all the cartoon series made by Disney and streamed on this platform are especially for kids.

It is one of the prime websites for Disney cartoon content and has some of the top-rated shows and cartoon movies. It has kid-friendly content and all the links are consistently available.



If you want to watch toons and the links to kisscartoon down, then Toonova is a great site to watch toons and other cartoon series. The best part about these episodes is that whenever the latest episodes are made life, they are immediately made available on the website as well.

So you can expect to watch some of the latest episodes of it. The website not only provides working and reliable links for streaming but also provides the user with the option of multiple mirror links as well in case the main link is not working.


So here are some of the best websites online, which can be used to stream some of your best and most popular cartoon and animation series. These websites are some of the best kids cartoon alternatives that you will find on the internet and will surely increase the viewing pleasure of cartoons for both you and your kids.

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