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Best Sites To Watch Anime Online: Anime has been a point of interest for most of the younger audiences around the world and has gathered millions of fans. Anime is mostly featured on television channels, after which a few of them can be viewed on free streaming websites like Youtube. However, you will never be able to enjoy them as an Anime fan as the quality is poor, and they are often broken into small parts.

Therefore, people who love to watch anime and have no subscription to television channels are often looking for internet sources and websites that offer free streaming of the entire season and episodes of anime.

Luckily, there are multiple websites online to watch anime online, and they would provide excellent quality streaming of the latest episodes without having the users pay anything. For anime, these free streaming websites provide the best HD-quality episodes with the latest episodes within hours of their release. We have added a list of some of the best anime sites that you can check out to view anime from around the world for free.

These websites are completely free, and some might run on ads for revenue. There is no need to create an account or Sign up on this website to view your favorite anime series.

Below is the List of Top Anime Streaming Sites Online for Free


Kissanime - Top Anime Streaming Site (Best Sites To Watch Anime Online)

On top of the list is Kissanime, which is considered one of the best anime streaming sites on the internet. The website has been beautifully designed as per the anime theme and has a lot to offer. The website provides straightforward access to visitors to view the latest anime without signing up or registering. The best part about the website is that it can provide you with streaming quality from anywhere between 240p and 1080p.

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Therefore, it does not matter what your internet speed is; you will still be able to watch your favorite anime’s smooth streaming. The website has multiple categories of anime registered on it like Action, Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, and much more. All these also come with English subtitles and dubbing features.


Hulu - Free and Paid Anime Streaming Site

Hulu is one of the top anime websites you will come across. The website is known for the excellent quality streaming service it provides through the categories of content. It’s not just anime we are talking about; you can watch a lot of movies. The website is not available throughout the world right now, but you can easily access a VPN and select a country where it is available.

The website is one of the best in terms of user interface and search engine, and you can easily view one of your favorite anime on this website.


AnimeXD - Best Free Anime Site

Simple to use interface and clean layout of this website makes it one of the best anime streaming websites. The website is seamless when it comes to streaming quality and comes with an extensive list of anime categories to explore. The website can provide full HD content on-demand and does not require any registration and Sign Up.

The website also has a sidebar screen where you can search anime content from all over the world. The new chat feature on the website makes the interaction with other users more engaging and interesting to discover new anime.



When it comes to animation, you cannot forget the name Funimation, which is one of the largest online houses for streaming anime online. The website is ranked among the best and top streaming anime websites, which can stream some of the most highly-rated anime shows in the world. The services to this website are available both free and premium.

If you are going for a free account, you would still have many anime options to watch from. With the premium account, you can watch all the A-list anime shows in HD quality.



It is yet another top website known for providing some of the best anime streaming content online. It ranks among the best anime streaming sites in the world. The website is known for its UI design and interface, one of the best among streaming websites. The website contains some of the most popular anime series from all over the world and has multiple categories of anime that you can search for.

The platform also provides all kinds of information about anime like the rating, release date, summary, etc. You can view all the shows using English subtitles and at full HD quality.



If you are looking for an anime website that can provide your streaming service without any ads or any kind of signup and registration, this is the website you should visit. When it comes to the content, you will find almost every popular anime series, and the content is available in HD quality along with English subtitles. The website’s overall user interface is very easy to navigate, and you can easily search among the available series.

The website also has a good search engine for searching for any title. The website has various tabs like Anime Search, Anime Tab, Seasonal Anime, Top Anime, Reviews, Videos, and Recommendations. It helps the user to discover new types of anime to watch from.



The website has been available for a long time now and has been used by almost all anime lovers. What attracts you the most is the beautiful design of the website, inspired by the bright colors of anime. When it comes to the list of anime, it has one of the biggest libraries of anime series to view and has the best high-definition streaming available.

Apart from the streaming services, you can also add a request to the website owners to add an anime series that is still not available online. The platform is completely free of cost for all users and provides an offline viewing feature for the users by allowing them to download the anime.

Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven

If you like to watch anime online for free, then you must have heard about this website. It is one of the oldest in the category and is known to provide the best streaming services for anime. The website has a premium-looking UI that can help you easily search for the anime you want to see. The website allows users to watch anime online and even download them to view it offline. Although it’s free, it will not bother you with a bunch of free ads and spam.

The website is one of the most reliable and has some of the most recent anime episodes that you can search for. If you do not find your favorite anime on any other website, then there is a big probability that you will find it.

Chia Anime

There is no limit to the kind of Japanese anime this website can stream. It has almost all the popular Japanese anime series, which you can watch in HD quality and dubbed episodes and English subtitles. It also allows users to watch all the latest anime series and episodes completely free of cost.

The website is constantly updated and improved to enhance the viewing experience of the visitors, and it also provides the user with the option to download videos. It is one of the most technologically updated websites you will ever come across.



GoGoAnime has been online for a very long time now and has a dedicated community of users who appreciate the kind of high-quality streaming this website provides. It is, without a doubt, one of the top anime streaming sites on the internet. Although the website is not a legitimate one as per law, it still provides high-definition streaming for all kinds of A-list anime shows.

The website has a good user interface through which you can easily search for your favorite anime series. The website also provides the option to download the episodes, but since it is not legitimate, we would not suggest you download any. If you still want to do it, then use a VPN service.

Conclusion: Watch Anime Online

These are some of the best anime streaming websites that you can come across on the internet. All these websites provide dubbed anime to ensure that the language is not a barrier while watching them. All these websites also provide English subtitles and have some of the best A-list shows in their library.

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You can also go for the premium subscription on some of the websites if you want or like what they offer. Meanwhile, if you ever want to watch your favorite anime in HD quality, then you can pick any of these websites.

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