Microsoft adds more features to Microsoft Outlook, one of them being Voice assistant.

Voice assistant is one of the best technologies and also one of the booming in the current technology market. Voice assistants have become so important to everyone that companies are focusing on adding the technology to more and more platforms to make it much more user friendly for the users. Leaning in the same direction, Microsoft has announced several changes to Outlook for Windows, iOS, and Android. Microsoft has been trying to simplify the email setup process on all platforms. 

You’ll now be able to scan a QR code from your computer that will securely transfer email credentials to Outlook mobile. It definitely reduces the work of any IT department who spent a long time setting up emails on personal devices. Another important AI feature that Outlook now has is that whenever you receive an email by someone who is asking for your availability, Outlook will check your calendar and suggest your specific date and time. This is a great feature where the AI will try to learn and suggest more options based on the emails you receive. 

Microsoft has also tried to make Outlook look much more engaging and easier to navigate with a built-in voice assistant. The voice assistant can be used to search for emails and contact on Outlook. The features will probably roll out on all platforms next month and will let you use the voice assistant on Outlook to schedule new events, call colleagues through Teams, and search for files. Now you will also be able to check whether details on the calendar and features like Editor, Immersive Reader, and Text predictions for Outlook on Windows.


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