Windows 10 updates seem to be installing bloatware without users’ permission.

One of the most irritating things for a user on their device is bloatware. It not only consumes extra storage space on the device but also makes your system run slower as they are programmed to run from the time the device starts up. It is something we all have witnessed on our smartphones till now, but it seems that you would now be experiencing it on the Windows operating system. The recent Windows 10 update on covertly installs progressive web apps (PWA) for Microsoft Office apps without asking for permission. The update will install Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook web-based apps. 

These are not standalone apps, but shortcuts to the web version of Microsoft Office and can be accessed using a browser. Many users have raised a complaint that the operating system restarted while installing the new web apps and did not ask for any kind of permission for the user while doing so. Since these web apps are shortcuts to the web applications for Microsoft Office, you will have to Sign In to your Microsoft account to access them. 

The one good thing about it is that you can easily uninstall it, in case you do not want it on your system. One way is to go to the Control Panel>> Programs and Features. There you will be able to remove the programs from the list easily. Also, you can go to  Settings App > Apps & Features page to remove the web app shortcuts. Users are really disappointed by this update from Microsoft and consider this as disrupting the customer’s ownership.

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