Microsoft Outlook users face outage and glitches on Thursday.

Another glitch or outage was reported by Microsoft Outlook users on Thursday, impacting webmail, desktop and mobile were down for nearly four hours worldwide. The outage primarily affected the Indian users and Microsoft later confirmed that the outage has been experienced worldwide. Microsoft also confirmed that the services with which the users would be facing issues with will be Exchange Online accounts, including Outlook desktop and mobile. 

The official tweet of Microsoft says that “We’ve received reports of users experiencing issues accessing their Exchange Online accounts via Outlook on the Web. Our initial investigation indicates that India-based users are primarily impacted by the audience.“” This is the second time this week that Microsoft has faced such an outage and has affected the users on a large scale. Earlier to this Microsoft Office 365 faced a severe outage for the US customers, affecting the business throughout the country. 

The recent downtime was due to a recent configuration update. In their official tweet, they mentioned that “We’ve determined that a recent configuration update to components that route user requests was the cause of impact. We’ve reverted the update and are monitoring the service for recovery.“” Microsoft has also updated that they have reverted the update that was causing the issue and monitoring the service for recovery. They also confirmed that the problem was a service interruption while performing authentication and there was no malicious activity involved. The service is now available to all the users on Outlook and the issue has been resolved by the company.

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