Microsoft’s new Clipboard tool will change the way of Copy Pasting

Microsoft has been working on a new Windows 10 update, which is expected to bring many new features to the operating system. As per the latest leaks and details, Windows will have a completely redesigned clipboard, which would change how the user copy-paste files. The new Windows 10 update gives users a giant clipboard where you can insert emojis, clipart, Gif, and other content. These clipboards will be common to every application you use and can be used to copy any content to another app. A clipboard is used to store or save a text, image, document, etc., which you have recently used.

The clipboard that is added in the Windows update will allow the user to use the recently used GIF, text, and images. However, if you have copied something to the clipboard in the past, you can access it from the Clipboard history and used it to paste. The new clipboard update will not be system-specific and will sync across various devices at one time. Therefore, you can access the content on the clipboard using different devices. There is also an option in the system setting where whenever you copy the text, it will automatically be copied to the clipboard.

When it comes to clipboard history, it can save up to the last 25 entries, which could be great for users if they are regularly copy-pasting a few words. The new feature for Windows 10 is expected to launch somewhere in the Spring of 2021, and until it is launched, we can expect a lot more from Microsoft.


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