Netflix is adding a new Shuffle Button to their Platform

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming apps globally and a user base of millions. The best part about the Netflix service is that the user has almost unlimited titles and series to watch from. It is what sometimes confuses the user as well. A user spends a lot of time in a never-ending catalog of what to watch before deciding a series or movie to follow.

In this activity, the user does seem to miss many exciting and engaging content, which might appeal to their interest. Netflix did acknowledge the problem and was working on it for a long time now. Finally, they have decided to roll out a shuffle button on the Netflix app. The information was first made available through The Independent UK and users on Twitter and Reddit. However, the feature has not been rolled out globally.

As per the Netflix spokesperson, the feature is still in the second phase of testing and might be revoked in the future. Once the testing is complete and the feature seems to get positive feedback from users, it will be made available to other regions. The shuffle button was added to Netflix TV shows in December last year, after which it was recently added for movies as well.

It will be a great feature for those who find it difficult to select something to watch from a big catalog of content. However, if the user is interested in watching only a specific type of genre in movies and drama series, then the shuffle feature will provide them with random suggestions. Rating shows and movies watched by the user earlier on Netflix will help show similar shows and movies in the shuffle option, as it will optimize the Netflix algorithm. Users are hoping that this feature is tested soon and rolled out globally for Netflix users.

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