Photos leaked for next-generation Xbox controller

Xbox is soon going to release its next-generation console in November. It is expected that the new console is going to be much more powerful than the last generation console and even more powerful than the Playstation 5. Recently a new image has been leaked, which shows a new Xbox controller in white color, leading to speculation that the new console could be white.

The photo was released on Reddit over the weekend, after which the account and image were deleted. Identified as “Wolfy_Wizzardo“, the Reddit user claimed to have snapped the photo at a party in Washington state hosted by a Microsoft employee child. The new D-pad and the new share button that Microsoft will be shipping on the next-generation controllers can be noticed on the controls.

As per the controller’s looks, it is estimated that the new controller will be a bit more squarish and will also house a larger button when compared to the previous controller. Another important detail leaked by Reddit users is that the new console’s UI will be the same as Xbox One and will only have some minor changes and tweaks. Microsoft Xbox will continue using the same theme and UI as it has been used and appreciated by the users for the ease of navigation and usage.

While everyone is waiting for November, a new cheaper console is also expected from Microsoft in August. Therefore, it could be the case that the controller might belong to this new console as well. When asked about the same to the Microsoft team, they said, “We have nothing further to share at this time“”. Microsoft has been mysterious about the next-generation console and what changes we are going to see in them. But with regular leaks surfacing online, we don’t complain.


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