New features in Telegram adds Multiple Pinned Messages and Enhanced Live Location Sharing.

Telegram has yet added another set of optimization and features to their app which would update the adds pin multiple messages feature, enhanced live location, and sharing music as a playlist. These features have been added to version 7.2 of the application and can be immediately downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play Store. The update would also bring a new set of animated emojis and let admins view stats for posts in the channel. 

The new features in the update were announced by the company in the blog post. The major update comes in where it let the users pin multiple messages on every chat. Earlier the pinned messages only worked in channels or groups and not on the individual chats. Now the users can simply tap the top bar several times and it will make the user jump from one pinned message to another. Users can also notice a new button that has been added to the app on the top right, which shows all the pinned messages from the chat on a separate page. 

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Apart from this, the new update also improves the live location feature and lets you set up an alert when the friend shares the location and is close to your location as well. Lastly, when you send multiple songs to other users it will be sorted into a playlist automatically and can be played using the in-app media player. The songs will be displayed in a single chat bibble and can also be tracked individually.


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