New Google Maps Beta update brings better rideshare integration, crosswalk markers, and building numbers

Google Maps have been adding a lot of improvement and optimizations to its platform, especially during the time of the pandemic, to help people track the status in every state and city while traveling. The newest update to the platform 10.56.0 adds a lot of optimization and improvement to the app which includes options like accurate fee estimates for ride services and spotted market for crosswalks and building numbers for some places.  

The new beta update for Google Maps has a lot more for the users where it brings ride services as well. it would generally look like how you order a cab from apps like Uber, which is the only supported partner for Google Maps right now. When you toggle on Uber, a popup tells you that Maps will get you more accurate fares by sending route information to the ride-sharing company. The feature is set in the early stages of development and in the future, you can expect to see many more such service providers integrated with Google Maps. 

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Another improvement that comes in the beta update release is the added building numbers and crosswalk markings, which are only available for a few clients right now Users simply need to zoom in close on the places. It is a neat addition for pedestrians following the introduction of traffic lights in an earlier update. If you want to try out these beta features then you can sign up for Maps beta however, it is always suggested not to do it on your primary smartphone.

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