OnePlus might not use Google Wear OS on their smartwatch.

Rumors and details for the OnePlus watch have once again gained momentum after a short break. Earlier it was reported that the watch has been delayed for an indefinite period of time. However, after the image leaks for the wrist strap for the OnePlus watch, it seemed like things are back on track for the company and they might soon launch the watch for the users. Now as per the latest details, the watch will soon be hitting the market, but will not be running Google’s Wear OS platform. 

The information was provided by Max J, a tipster who provides all the details about OnePlus. He claims that Wear OS will not be used by OnePlus and it might be possible that they are creating an entirely new platform for their watch which will not only provide some new features but a completely new OS experience. It severely brings a question on the relationship between OnePlus and Google as most of the companies that have introduced a smartwatch are using Google Wear OS. 

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There is currently no kind of information or details about any kind of OS development that OnePlus might be using for their watch. The watch will still be integrating and pairing well with the Android smartphones from OnePlus and it would be interesting to see the kind of approach OnePlus take on their smartwatch. The company has already been working on the watch for more than a year now and it is expected to launch next year.

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