PS5 reveals a new feature which can beat Xbox Series

Playstation and Xbox have been the main competitors when it comes to gaming consoles, and both of them have a dedicated community of millions of users. There has always been a spec war between both to show that they have a better console, and both the companies leave no inch to add features to their gaming machine.

Recently, Sony launched its next-generation Playstation 5 console digitally, which provided better hardware and performance than the last generation. However, it was expected that the new Xbox console would be much more powerful than what Playstation is offering, giving them an advantage in the competition.

But it seems that Sony has many tricks up its sleeves and is revealing it slowly. One such detail given through a leak was the PS5  ability to let the jump to any part of the game, straight from the menu. Gematsucon leaked the feature on Twitter (via TechRadar), who cites a now-offline preview of WRC 9 by Gamereactor that mentions the feature.

As per the details, Playstation 5 allowed the users to enter race directly from the menu instead of entering the game and selecting the race. The console provides instant links to specific race tracks and even directly from the menu. The feature seems to be an extension of the instant resume feature on the Playstation 4. 

The PS5’s hardware is expected to bring out some new and unique features which have not been fully revealed yet. However, some features like the DualSense controller and 3D audio compatibility have already made people excited about the type of engagement value the console will provide. The Playstation 5 is expected to go on sale in November this year, which is the same time we will see the new Xbox console launch.


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