PUBG hiring for new roles in India hints at a comeback.

It seems that PUBG fans in India might soon receive good news from the company. After the ban of PUBG in India, the fans were really disappointed. Since Chinese apps were getting banned in India, due to national security and data issues, it seemed like there would be no returning for the company in the market. However, PUBG immediately broke relations with Chinese company Tencent, which acted as the game publisher in India, to gain its position back in the market. Also, there were many leaks and rumors about PUBG working with other Indian companies like Jio, Airtel, and more to provide the publishing rights in India to them. 

However, until now there is no official confirmation about how PUBG is looking forward to re-entering the Indian market. However, there seems to be an improvement in the situation for PUBG now. PUBG Corporation has recently listed a job opening for an associate-level manager in India, which means that they are still continuing the operations in the country and are looking for new people to hire. The job opening doesn’t really mean that the company will be re-launching the game anytime soon, but it does bring a ray of hope for game fans in India. 

As per the description of the job role “Corporate Development Division Manager” on LinkedIn, PUBG Corporation is looking for a person to develop an overall strategy for mergers and acquisitions and investments with a focus on the Indian market. The role description does give a hint that PUNG is on to something and will soon be making an announcement in the near future.


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