PUBG in talks with Bharti Airtel to bring the app back to the Indian market.

Ever since the ban of Chinese apps in India, PUBG has been looking for an alternative to enter back into the Indian app market. The South Korean firm PUBG Corporation is making every effort to combine its resources with an Indian firm and get unbanned from the Indian platform. Earlier, there were rumors that PUBG is looking out for partnership with Reliance Jio so that they could have the publishing rights for the game in India. Now as per the new details, PUBG has also confirmed talks with the telecom giant Airtel. It seems that the talks between both organizations are currently in the early stages.

If the talks go well, then either Airtel or Jio will get the publishing right for the game and they will replace the Chinese publisher Tencent in India. Currently, there are no details as to whether the game will be restored on Google Play Store or how long will it take for the app to return in India. PUBG has already broken ties with Tencent almost immediately after the app was banned. Therefore, they do not have any more connection with the Chinese firm due to which they were banned from the Indian market.

Therefore, the only feasible option for PUBG would be to integrate the services with an Indian firm to get back access to the Indian market. It would be really interesting to know the details about the talks happening between PUBG and the Indian firms, and when the app will finally make a comeback


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