Samsung might launch the new Galaxy Smart Tag next month

When it comes to working on a new type of device, companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, and more have always taken the lead and have been trying to create something unique. A few months back, news came in that both Apple and Samsung are working on a very small tile-like device, which is a simple GPS tracker and can be used with Bluetooth as well. Although there is currently no detail about the tracker Apple is creating, there are a lot of details on the device Samsung is working on. 

The new tile-like smart object tracker is going to be launched next month and we could possibly see it coming with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series launch in January. The new leak shows a clearer design of the Galaxy Smart Tag. The tag will work with the app called SmartThings Find App and can be paired with the Galaxy Smart tag, which comes in Black and White colors. There is a circular button in the middle which is used to activate the device and also has a lanyard hole for easily carrying it around. 

YouTube video

The button can be used to find the connected phones and also as an object tracker and an object attached to it. It is Bluetooth 5.1 compatible and would be priced at just €15. The device is powered using a 3V CR2032 coin cell and can easily be replaced. We could also be looking at a similar device from Apple in the future.


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