Samsung removes Galaxy Note 8 from the monthly security update list.

Samsung has finally removed the Samsung Galaxy Note8 from its list of devices that received monthly security updates. Samsung has been launching a lot of new devices in recent times and also issues a lot of security updates for each device. Since all the phones work on the Android operating system, Samsung is able to provide three years of an update as promised by Google. But now Samsung has made a few changes to the pattern, which includes adding some new devices to the list while removing the older one. 

As an example, The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan edition was offered to the customers as a liter version of the Samsung Galaxy S20. After it became popular among the consumers, Samsung added the device to the list of receiving monthly security updates. Similarly, Galaxy Tab Active3 has also joined the list of getting monthly security updates. Due to this, many of the older devices from Samsung has been removed from the list of devices that received monthly updates. The first one to get removed was Galaxy Note 8, which will no longer receive the monthly updates, but it will still receive quarterly updates from Samsung. 

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However, there is also a device that has been completely retired from the Samsung product lineup, which is the Galaxy J7 Prime. The phone has been completely removed from the list and will not receive any kind of updates or alterations from the company. The phone was released at the same time when the original Google Pixel was launched. So the phone had a really long run before. 

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