Samsung might release Samsung Watch 3 alongside Galaxy Watch Fit

While everyone is waiting for the Samsung event on August 5, 2020, new leaks and information about the devices to be launched are regularly appearing. We already had the details about the launch of a new Samsung Galaxy tablet S7, Galaxy Fold 2, and Galaxy Note 20. As per the new details, the company will be launching the New Galaxy Fit watch along with the Galaxy Watch 3.

The details came up as per the FCC filing of Samsung. The watch was spotted by The Verge where the Galaxy watch 3 looked a lot like the Galaxy fit device. Samsung has been working on wearable tech for a long time now, as a direct competitor to the Apple watch. The Galaxy fit was an entry-level fitness tracker whose basic functioning and features. Upgrading on the same design, it is expected that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Watch 3 with premium features.

Since the last few wearable devices from Samsung like Galaxy Fit 2, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E did not perform as expected in numbers, the company has now been prepping up to unfold the all-new Galaxy watch 3, which is probably going to overcome all the limitations and lack of features in previous wearable devices.

The leaked images do show a heart rate sensor integrated at the back, but there is still no confirmation of GPS as a feature that was missing in Galaxy Fit. It is expected to be the new Galaxy Watch 3, but it can also be a new product altogether, for which we will have to wait for the Samsung event to unfold.

Until then, we can only expect Samsung to provide a much better wearable device this time, with all the features which were missing in the previous watch devices. Until then, we can expect Samsung to understand the flaws in their previous devices and would not repeat the same in this product.


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