The technical issue on Microsoft Team that happened on Wednesday, has been resolved

Microsoft Teams is one of the widely used and popular video conferencing tools that is used by both business and educational institutions. The tool faced a technical glitch on Wednesday, where it delayed message delivery on its widely used Teams workplace messaging app. The issue was immediately acknowledged by Microsoft and was confirmed to be a networking issue which led to the problem. 

As per the official statement from Microsoft Team, “We’re monitoring the service to ensure full restoration and will take any necessary action if impact persists“”. The company confirmed that there were almost more than 800 such reported incidents where the users submitted the forms for errors on this platform. The actual number of users that were affected by the issue could have been larger. For now, the issue seems to be resolved and Microsoft is keeping an eye on the tools for any kind of issue that still persists. 

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However, if you were also facing the same issue with Microsoft Teams on Wednesday, you will not face any such issues now. Microsoft has been working continuously on making Teams one of the best tools when it comes to video conferencing and has added a lot of features to the same since the pandemic. The Microsoft Teams developers have also confirmed that the company is currently working on many new features and tools which will later be integrated into the Team platform. Increased number of users, enhanced admin right to the person to initiate the call, and a lot more. 


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