Windows users face blue screen crash and performance issues after installing August Windows 10 Cumulative Update

Yet another Windows 10 update is causing a lot of errors and issues for the users where they are facing performance issues with the operating system. The issue is occurring due to this month’s patch cumulative update. The update is causing a lot of performance issues for users as well as Blue screen crash errors. The Windows update KB4566782 was released on August 11, which was reported earlier due to the installation issue, where the users were unable to download and install it using the Windows update. However, in some cases, users were able to install it manually. 

Now multiple users are reporting issues where the installed update has produced serious lags in the performance of the system and is also causing the system to crash suddenly. Performance issues faced by the users are system slowdown, increased boot time, lower fps counts in games, external hard drives not working, and slow File Explorer. Also, many users have been facing an issue where the screen immediately freezes and then responds after a couple of seconds. The screen will freeze when you try to run any kind of application or open a folder. 

There is currently no solution for this from Microsoft, but a safeguard to this problem until it is resolved is that one should remove the update from the settings and pause the automatic updates till the time the issue has been resolved. It will make sure that the buggy update is not installed on the operating system and you can use it normally until a working patch arrives from Microsoft.

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