Telegram’s new functionality allows the import of WhatsApp chat history on iOS devices

Ever since the change in the privacy policies by WhatsApp, users have been looking for an alternative that could provide the users with data privacy. Among many others, Telegram has been one of the more popular choices with a lot of features on offer like WhatsApp. A few days back, Telegram was working on a new tool for the Android users which made moving the messages and data from WhatsApp to Telegram a lot easier for the users. 

Now, the messaging app has added yet another functionality to the import feature where users can import WhatsApp chat history on the iOS platform. The feature has been introduced by the company looking at the huge increase in the number of users since last month. Since millions of users are now shifting from WhatsApp, it’s imperative that Telegram would try to make the shift a lot easier. The feature on the iOS devices has been spotted with version 7.4, however, the feature is still under development for Android users, which can also be launched very soon. 

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The feature on the iOS devices will work for both individuals and group chats. The “Export Chat” option opens the iOS Share Sheet, where you’ll see the option to select Telegram. From there, the users can select a Telegram chat to import the messages. One can also import the messages without having to import the images. Telegram is also working on many new features to keep up with the feature list that WhatsApp provides to its users.

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