Unlimited Google Photos storage will not be a feature for future Pixel owners.

When it comes to Pixel smartphones from Google, they have a clear advantage of getting special features from Google and also a subscription to Google services, that normal users do not have. Also, Pixel users receive faster updates than other Android smartphones. In a recent announcement from Google, a new update has been released for Pixel users. As per Google, they will no longer be providing free unlimited media storage to users. 

However, Pixel owners will not be affected by this change, but only if you own a Pixel 2 and upwards to a Pixel 5. All the future Pixel owners will have a restriction of 15GB free limited media storage space. Free unlimited storage space for Pixel devices could have been a great way for Google to attract more users in purchasing the Pixel devices. However, it is still confusing as to why Google is only giving this storage space to Pixel 2 and up to Pixel 5 users and not for users who are going to buy the next series of Pixel phones in the future. 

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The restriction will not be applicable till June 2021 and till that time the users can either decide to stick with Google Storage or look for a different option. It might be possible that Google changes its mind in the future and decides to add unlimited storage to the Pixel range to increase its sales. In the meanwhile, it would be a great option for you to purchase a Pixel 5 if you are looking to buy new photos and are fond of taking many photos.


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